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I am a software engineer, web developer, GIS specialist and data science coding bootcamp instructor with a passion for learning new things and helping others.

You have landed on my portfolio site. Here you can browse some of my projects or learn more about me.


Live Hoppy logo (life and travels with a bunny)
Live Hoppy
My personal blog

Live Hoppy is a Wordpress blog I started in 2016. This is a place where I write about life, travel, being a mom, creative pursuits and other random things.

It has also been a fantastic place for me to play around and learn about Wordpress and gain other web skills.

Some computers in a coding bootcamp classroom.
Kyla's Blog
My coding blog

I started this when I was a Fullstack coding bootcamp student to write about my experiences.

I've gone on to write about various topics about coding and coding bootcamps. I also share some posts related to data science and my experience as an assistant instructor for a data science bootcamp.

A convertible child's step-stool/table
Custom By Kyla
A demo site to sell custom kid's furniture

I made this site as my personal web project when I was in the Fullstack bootcamp.

It showcases a convertible stool/table that I made for my son.

A very nice picture of a thermometer
A Stupid Simple Temperature Converter
Convert Fahrenheit & Celsius

I made this as a fun little side project when I first started the Fullstack bootcamp. It's not fancy, but I keep it around because I remember how happy I was to make my first web project on my own that DID A THING rather than just displaying something.

About Me

Kyla Bendt

Hi! I'm Kyla Bendt. I graduated from college with a math degree and have worked in tech for many years.

Currently, I am an assistant instructor for Deep Dive Coding's Data Science Bootcamp.

I have also worked for Computer Mapping Company since 2008 doing software development, GIS mapping projects and various consulting gigs.

I have a lot of personal interests some of which also tie in to my professional work. I'm a very curious person. I enjoy learning and trying new things.

Some of my hobbies include:

  • photography
  • mountain biking
  • hiking
  • baking
  • writing
  • various forms of art
  • reading

A.S. General Science - San Juan Community College

I went to San Juan Community College. While there I took classes in everything I found interesting and then picked the degree I was closest to which turned out to be an associate's degree in general science.

B.S. Mathematics - New Mexico Tech

I then transferred to New Mexico Tech where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Biology.

Fullstack Web Development Certificate - Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp

In the fall of 2019 I attended a Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp at Deep Dive Coding.

I have worked for Computer Mapping Company, a small GIS software company since 2008.

We have our own GIS mapping software called MIMS. We also provide technical support, consulting services and do contract mapping projects.

One of the hardest things for me when I work on my resume is to put this experience into a list of bullet points. I've worked there for more than 12 years and since we're a very small company, my roles have been extremely varied over that time.

Some of the things I have done there include

  • Providing technical support via phone, email and in site visits
  • Custom setup and installation
  • Mapping Projects
    • Mapping subdivisions for county assessors
    • Mapping landuse types
    • Aligning older maps to newer aerials
  • Bug hunting
  • Data conversions - moving all assessment data to a new CAMA system
  • Creating a KML conversion program
  • Managing our website
  • Graphic design
  • Sales

I have worked for Deep Dive Coding as an assistant instructor for the data science bootcamp since February of 2020.

As a graduate of Deep Dive's Fullstack bootcamp, I am familiar with the effectiveness of their programs. When they announced a new data science bootcamp, I knew I would be a good fit with my background in math and working with GIS data.

I enjoy being able to continually learn new things and to help others get a foothold in the tech industry.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me, you can reach out to me via LinkedIn.

I'm pretty satisfied with the work I am doing, but I still keep an eye out for interesting opportunities where I can make a difference.